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Dixie Jet Flutter Spoon

The Dixie Jet Flutter Spoons have a slow, graceful fall which replicates a dying shad. These Spoons are 2 ¼ inches long and 7/8 inches wide and are available in 4 colors and  ¾ oz. The Flutter Spoon is made of marine grade brass and is armed with one VMC #2 wide gap treble hook that ensures solid hook-ups. The best presentation for the Dixie Jet Flutter Spoon is casting to schooling fish, of casting for suspended fish over any type of structure, trees, docks, piers or rock piles. The Flutter Spoon will coax fish out of cover and invoke a hard strike. The Dixie Jet Flutter Spoon is available in several fish catching colors and catches fish from all species, fresh water or saltwater. All Dixie Jet Spoons are made in the USA, with American pride and proudly keeping jobs in America.